14th Nov 2011


Being an art school kid, in most cases, means you love viewing art work. I ventured out into Hamtramck Saturday night to visit an art show that examined our relationship to clothes. I thought it would be a perfect addition to my fashion musings. 

The event was held at Public Pool, an art cooperative that supports contemporary art. It was the only brightly lit facade on the block, swarming with local artists and venerators. 

The humble space held pieces from nine artists of different media, that explored clothing from different angles. The center of attention, for myself at least, was the beautiful sculptural garment that was hanging in the middle of the space, constructed by Cristin Richard. (photo 1/2) Inside the opening appeared to be a keepsake box of some sort.  Another one of my favorites, the “helmets” by artist Jessica Frelinghuysen, two of which were called “Peripheral Vision Helmet”, and “Helmet to Speak to One’s Self”. The helmets were framed with the assembled version to the right of it. I loved the use of the media to convey social and individual behavior. I also enjoyed the dominatrix-like Barbies used in Lauren Rassel’s “Out of the Box III.” It was interesting how you could walk around the piece, experiencing the framed art pieces and video art playing on the back of the structure.

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