22nd Oct 2011

A Million Little Things

Model D Last night was amazing! The event showcased what is next for Detroit at the vintage 1914 David Whitney building. The atmosphere was perfect for the city of Detroit, taking an architecturally beautiful space, and adding graffiti, art, and passionate people to the mix. 

The final four contestants from Hatch Detroit spoke about their endeavor to the masses of interested Detroiters that showed up. After over 50,000 votes were taken in, the final competitors included Hugh, Workroom, Woodbridge Gypsy Den and Tea Room and Alley Wine. Read more about them here—>http://hatchdetroit.com/the-contest/the-final-4/.

The walls were decorated with ideas and innovations from metro Detroiters. It was truly inspiring! Connections were being made, business cards were being swapped and lots of great food was being served. Slow’s Bar BQ, Porktown Sausage, McClures Pickles, Love’s Custard Pies, all made a tasty appearance. 

But of course the event wouldn’t be complete without the unique style of all who enjoyed the festivities. Styles ranged from vintage dresses to luxurious furs to casual t-shirt and jeans. Check out the photos to get a glimpse of this great gathering.

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